Pittner School, the emblematic building of Resita

On Furnalelor street no. 13 in the Historic Center of the Resita Montane functioned at the beginning of the first decades of the last century, in the midst of economic and social expansion of our city, the private primary school “Pittner Schule”, right in the family home of August and Helene Pittner, on its ground floor. The whole floor was occupied by the family of the two teachers.

Pittner Bacsi, as the beloved teacher August Pittner was called by the people of Resita, lived here until his death on November 17, 1965.

Until the 1989 Revolution, the house, now declared a category B historic monument, was cared for by its occupants, but the latter completely neglected it, reaching a state of advanced degradation.

Reaching the venerable age of 150, the house still keeps an amazing sundial in good condition.

It becomes an exhibition and event center

The restoration project, approved in the autumn of 2020, with funding from the EEA Grants 2014-2021, aims to rehabilitate and transform the monument into a future cultural center.

The project will contribute to solving one of the most acute problems facing Resita, namely, the insufficiency of cultural units, equipped to modern standards.

After the restoration, the building will host local events that will help both revitalize the historic monument and improve the management of cultural heritage by bringing it back to the attention of the community.